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Jimmy Lin

Jimmy Lin

Name : Lin Zhi Jiong
Birth Date : 15 October 1975
Birth Place : Taipei, Taiwan
Blood : O
Height : 172 cm
Weight : 58 kg
Favorite Sports : Baseball, Swimming, golf, tennis
Favorite Collection : Stamp, Camera, car toys
Hobbies : Dancing, Fotografi, acting
Favorite Colour : Red, yellow, black, white
Favorite Brunch : Icecream and brown
Favorite Drink : Milk and mineral water
Favorite Fruit : Water melon and banana
Favorite film : Always directed by Steven Spielberg
Favorite Animal : Dog
Frequently place visit : Discotic
Favorite Flower : Mawar
Favorite Fashion : Jeans and jacket
Interesting Fact : One of Little Heavenly King with Alec Su, Nicky Wu, and Takeshi Kaneshiro
Zodiac : Tiger
Horoscope : Libra
Religion : Buddhist
Family Members : Farher(Lin De Xiong), mother,1 elder brother(Lin Zhi Jie), 2 younger brothers(Lin Zhi Xin and Lin Zhi Long) and 1 younger sister(Lin Zhi Yi)
Education : Zhong Xiao Primary School , Huai Sheng Secondary School, Graduated from Hwa Gang with Drama & Photography

:: 2006 - Can't stop me
:: 2000 - Go for a walk
:: 1999 - Scarecrow
:: 1998 - Before dawn breaks
:: 1998 - I am still myself
:: 1997 - Men are easily deceived
:: 1996 - Expect
:: 1995 - Dream is ahead
:: 1994 - Goodbye my friend
:: 1994 - Goodbye yesterday
:: 1994 - Fiery heart
:: 1993 - Thinking of you
:: 1992 - Why am i always hurt
:: 1992 - This summer
:: 1992 - Not every love song have sweet memories



:: 2007 - Fang Yang De Xing Xing Cast: Jimmy Lin, Yoo Ha Na (Liu He Na) (Korean)
:: 2006 - Liao Zhai. : Xiao Cui Cast : Jimmy Lin, Li Bing Bing, Jiang Xin
:: 2004 - Shu Jian Qing Xia Liu San Bian Cast : Jimmy Lin, Ho Mei Tian, Hu Ke
:: 2003 - Demi Gods And Semi Devils (Tian Long Ba Bu) Cast : Jimmy Lin, Hu Jun, Gao Hu, Liu Yi Fei, Christy Chung
:: 2002 - Secretly In Love With You (Tou Tou Ai Shang Ni) Cast : Tae, Wallace Chung, Lin Wei Jun, Hsu Wei Lun, Jimmy is guest
:: 2002 - Monkey King (Qi Tian Da Sheng Sun Wu Kong) Cast : Dicky Cheung, Edmond Leung, Jimmy Lin, Yuki Hsu, Gillian
:: 2001 - The Legendary Siblings2 (Jue Shi Shiang Jiao) Cast Jimmy Lin, Tae, Jacqueline ,Tian Xin
:: 2001 - Feng Chen Wu Die Cast : Jimmy Lin, Chen Hong, Wallace Chung, Zheng Jia Yu
:: 2000 - The Lotus Lantern (Bao Lian Deng) Cast : Jimmy Lin, Echo Shen Ao Jun, Vivi Ho, Yu Li, Roger Kwok
:: 2000 - Master Swordsman (Lu Xiao Feng) Cast : Jimmy Lin, Theresa Lee, Tao Hong
:: 1999 - The Legendary Siblings1 (Jue Dai Shuang Jiao) Cast : Jimmy Lin, Alec Su, Theresa Lee, Vivien Chen


:: 2005 - Wolf / Brother Cast : Jimmy Lin, Ambrose, An Ya, Pu Pu
:: 2005 - I Love How You Love Me / The Love Winner Cast : Jimmy Lin, Liu Yi Fei, Ambrose, Kristy Yang
:: 2003 - Boxing Hero (Long Hu Ying Xiong / Xiang Gang Quan Ba) Cast : Jimmy Lin, Yi Zi Wei, Chen Kui An
:: 2001 - My Heart Will Go On Cast : Jimmy Lin, Echo Shen
:: 1999 - Ang Yee Cast : Amphol, Chachcha, Jimmy Lin, Annie Wu
:: 1998 - Chivalrous Legend Cast : Jimmy Lin, Shi Xiao Long, Ke Shou Liang, Vivian Hsu, Luo Shi Feng
:: 1998 - Heavenly Legend Cast : Jimmy Lin, Hao Shao Wen, Shi Xiao Long
:: 1995 - Forever Friends Cast Jimmy Lin, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Alec Su, Nicky Wu
:: 1994 - Grandpa's Love Cast : Jimmy Lin, Hao Shao Wen, Lang Xiong
:: 1994 - School Days Cast : Jimmy Lin, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Ruby Lin
:: 1994 - No Sir Cast : Jimmy Lin, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tuo Zhong Hua, Richie Ren, Chen Wei Ming
:: 1993 - Shaolin Popeye Cast : Jimmy Lin, Hao Shao Wen, Shi Xiao Long, Vivian Hsu
:: 1993 - Vampire Family Cast : Jimmy Lin, Dicky Cheung, Athena Chu, Eric Tsang
:: 1993 - Boys Are Easy Cast : Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Chingmy Yau, Tong Leung Ka Fai, Jacky Cheung, Ekin Cheng, Jimmy Lin, Richard Ng, Sandra Ng
:: 1993 - End Of The Road Cast :Tony Leung, Tuo Zhong Hua, Jimmy Lin, Rosamund Kwan, Ng Man Tat
:: 1992 - Flying Dagger Cast : Tony Leung Ka Fai, Jimmy Lin, Jacky Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Zhang Min, Gloria Yip
:: 1992 - Butterfly And Sword Cast : Tony Leung, Jimmy Lin, Joey Wong, Michelle Yeoh
:: 1992 - To Miss With Love Cast : Dicky Cheung, Jimmy Lin, Zhang Min, Ng Man Tat, Nicky Wu, Athena Chu

Awards received

2006 Top Ten Golden Song "Show Me Your License" and
The Most Versatile Entertainer from The 4th Chinese Music Awards 2006 @ Fuzhou

2003 International Outstanding Youth Award
1999 Most Talented Male Artiste
1996 Top Ten Idols Award
1994 Best Album Award
1993 Metro Radio Top Ten Handsome People Award
1993 FM Select Bronze Award
1993 HK Top Ten Children Gold Song "Wild Chrysanthemum"
1993 HK Hottest Mandarin Singer Gold Award
1993 HK Most Popular New Artiste Gold Solid Award
1993 HK Top Ten Chinese Songs With The Brightest Future New Artiste Award
1993 HK-CR Gold Award
1993 HK Spreading Mandarin Award
1993 HK Jade Solid Gold First Place Song
1992 Taiwan Top Ten Idols Award
1992 Taiwanese Superstar New Artist Award
1992 Taiwan's Most Brightess Future New Artiste Award
1992 HK Hottest Mandarin Award

Racing Record

Sep Super Car Challenge Ferrari 348, 3rd place

Feb 555 Taiwan Race
Mar Super Car Challenge Cup
Aug Impreza Challenge Cup
Nov WRC Australia Hyundai Rally Car, got FIA International Class A

became spokeman for GT Radial tire company
Feb went to Japan to study racing under a famous Japanese racer
June Super Car Challenge BMW, M3 3rd place
Aug Super Car BMW, M3 3rd place

May Super Car Challenge, BMW used new M3 race car, 2nd place, broke Taiwan LungTam BMW M3 single lap record
July Super Car Challenge, BMW M3, 2nd place, broke Taiwan TamLung BMW M3 single lap record
Aug 7 formed ESSO Jimmy Racing Team and Racing Company
Aug ZhuHai International Speedway Renault Super Challenge, 4th and 6th round, Group B, 1st place
Dec Super Car Challenge, broke his own single lap record in Taiwan LungTam Super Car
Dec Taiwan Oil year end Challenge, 4th overall, again broke Taiwan LungTam single lap record, 102.938 seconds.

Mar Impreza race, group A, first round, 3rd place
Apr Super Car, 1st round, used M3 race car, 1st place
Jun Super Car, 2nd round, used M3 race car, 1st place
Aug China Formula International Race, 1st place
Aug Super Car, 3rd round, used M3 race car, 1st place
Sep China Formula International Race, 1st place
Oct Super Car, 4th round, used M3 race car, 1st place. Became Year champion for winning all 4 rounds. He still holds this record.
Oct China Formula International Race, 1st place

Contracted to race for Honghe Rally Team, the largest racing team in China, for the reported sum of TW$10 mil

Formed Jimmy Racing Team and became his own boss. He signed British racer, Alister McRae, who ranked 3rd in 2003 and 26th in 2006 in the world. The other 2 racers in his team are Jimmy himself and the 7th ranked Chinese racer. Jimmy ranked 8th in China in 2005. McRae is being paid US$50,000 per race, 5 races a year.

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